The Dodger formerly known as…

In honor of the Dodgers acquiring Roberto Hernandez, who started his professional baseball career under the name of Fausto Carmona, I’m trying to come up with a list of Dodgers who started off life with a different name than they used when they played. I’m not going to use Spanish surnames where players switch between patronyms and matronyms however. Because then there would be a lot.

My list is pretty much trial and error with a lot of clicking at Baseball-Reference.

Erisbel Arruebarrena played in Cuba as Erisbel Arruebarruena

Sam Bohne started out life as Samuel Cohen

Max Carey originally was Maximillian Carnarius.

Bull Durham (there was an actual one who played in the early 20th century) was born Louis Raphael Staub

Nig Fuller was born Charles Furrer

Sandy Koufax was born Sanford Braun

Bob Miller was born Robert Gemeinweiser.

Jack O’Brien was born John Byrne.

Danny Ozark (longtime coach) but not a Dodger player was born with the surname of Orzechowski

Erv Pavlica was born Ervin Pavliecivich

Ron Perranoski was born with Ronald Perzanowski

Nick Polly was born Nicholas Polachanin

Jack Quinn was born Joannes Pajkos

Packy Rogers started off as Stanley Hazinski

Ted Savage was born with the surname Savage, but his original first name was Ephesian. But he later went by Theodore.

Phenomenal Smith was born John Francis Gammon

Andy Sommerville was born Henry Travers Summersgill

Sammy Strang was born Samuel Strang Nicklin and then reversed his middle and last names.

Joe Vizner was originally Joseph Vezina

Whitey Witt was born Ladislaw Waldemar Wittkowski

Most information came from this page at Baseball Reference.




Pictured: two similar people.

5 Famous Modern Events You Won’t Believe Happened Before

#3. Chester A. Arthur Was the Subject of the First “Birther” Movement

When Chester A. Arthur, who claimed to have been born in the exotic land of Vermont, became vice president under James Garfield, his disgruntled opponents in the Republican Party hatched a theory that he was actually born a few miles to the north of where he claimed, across the border amid the wild jungles of dark and savage Canada.

Arthur graduated to full president when Garfield was assassinated, which only made the conspiracy theorists scream louder. They hired a lawyer named Arthur Hinman (a traitor to all Arthur-kind) to investigate these claims. … According to Hinman, Arthur stole the identity of a dead sibling who had been born in Vermont, while he himself was actually born in Quebec. Oh man, not even the “American” part of Canada?

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Couple more articles on that:

For the record, I already knew about the Chester Arthur birther controversy.

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On 6 August 1890, Baseball Hall of Fame enshrinee Cy Young made his Major League Baseball debut with the Cleveland Spiders beginning a legendary pitching career.

Image credit: American major league baseball pitcher Cy Young (July 23, 1908), George Grantham Bain Collection, Library of Congress.



These nerds sassing each other for all eternity.

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"Your Dad has told me that you are a stamp collector and I thought you might like to have these stamps to add to your collection."

Letter from President Franklin Roosevelt to nine year old Bobby Kennedy on July 12, 1935

"I am going to frame your letter and I am going to keep it always in my room."

Reply to President Roosevelt from Bobby Kennedy on July 19, 1935

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My brother has told me how the theme song from “To Tell the Truth” is full of angry accusations and suspicions by a spurned lover.


Curt Gowdy and Chuck Thompson in the pregame intro for Game 7 of the 1971 World Series. 

Thompson’s hat and coat are works of art.



  • Patron: Do you have books on animals?
  • Me: Yes, what kinds of animals?
  • Patron: Fish, reptiles, amphibians.
  • Me: Yes, we would have books on all those. What are you trying to find out about them?
  • Patron: I want to raise them in my house.
  • Me: Sure, we've got a lot of books on aquariums and also on keeping snakes and lizards and frogs.
  • Patron: Why frogs?
  • Me: They were the first amphibians that came to mind.
  • Patron: Frogs are amphibians?
  • Me: Yes, they are.
  • Patron: Do you have books on keeping stingrays?
  • Me: Rays are pretty big and you probably can't keep them at home. But we have books about them in general.
  • Patron: Not rays! Stingrays!
  • Me: Stingrays are rays. They're a very large fish.
  • Patron: I was told that they're hard to keep at home.
  • Me: They're very big.
  • Patron: But I want to sell them.
  • Me: How will you get them?
  • Patron: I will just breed them. Do you have books on which fish will get along in an aquarium?
  • Me: We have a lot of aquarium books so that should be mentioned, but you can't keep a ray in a home aquarium.
  • Patron: Stingray!