1. The Bell Tolls for Houston

    The Houston Astros were the first team to be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs after their loss Wednesday to the Giants combined with the Dodgers win over the Rockies earlier in the day.

    The Astros have 90 losses, which means they can win no more than 72 games. The current second wild card team in the National League, St. Louis, has 71 wins. However, the Cardinals and the Dodgers, who have 70 wins, play each other four times this season, which means that at least one of them will finish with 73 wins. The Pirates are 1/2 game ahead of the Dodgers, but don’t factor in these calculations since they don’t play the Cardinals or Dodgers the rest of the season.

    The next team to be mathematically eliminated won’t be for 10-14 days. The second worst team in the majors, the Cubs, have lost just 80 games. The worst team in the AL is Minnesota, which has 77 losses

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