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MLB At Bat: It’s as easy to buy as 1-2-i-65-A7

A couple weeks ago, I got a friendly reminder from that my Gameday audio subscription was going to be automatically renewed. That happened last year also.

Then I started reading all the rave reviews about the MLB At Bat app online as if it were the Second Coming of Babe Ruth, Jesus, and Buddha all put together.

So I downloaded it on to my phone through Google Play. But to get all the functionality, I needed to pay $19.99. So I did. Got a receipt by email.

Then, nothing worked. I was told by the app that purchase was not recognized. (Looked like a purchase to me!) I then went and called Customer Service. It’s where questions go to die.

Calling tech support for anything that requires me to spell out my name on the phone is always tricky because my name is hard to understand over the phone since it contain five letters that sound the same when spoken out. I’m not sure why some people think I would spell my name Timnermanm.

I was told that I didn’t have a valid Gameday audio subscription. And that made sense since my credit card on file was three years old and had me living in a city where I hadn’t resided since February of 2011. (This didn’t cause trouble in 2011 or 2012 though. has magical powers for getting money out of invalid credit cards.)

So, I went and got a Gameday audio subscription. But it still wouldn’t work on my phone. 

Today, I was told that I shouldn’t have a bought a Gameday subscription on a computer. I could only buy it online. So they cancelled the other subscription. And now the app on the phone works.

Until tells me I don’t exist any more.

It’s been a rough week. First, my coworkers have been making fun of my haircut and then tells me I don’t exist. 

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