1. #mlbdeathwatch

    The Texas Rangers will be mathematically eliminated from postseason play tonight if:

    1) they lose to the Royals in Kansas City

    2) the Tigers win at Cleveland.

    Texas has already been eliminated from the AL West race. They also cannot catch the current holder of the first wild card spot, Oakland.

    That leaves them with a slight chance for Wild Card 2.

    Presently, that is Detroit with a 75-62 record.

    A Texas loss would drop them to 85 losses, maxing out their wins at 77. If Detroit wins they would be at 76. As would Kansas City, who has one fewer loss.

    Detroit and KC still play each other six times. So, if one of them just one of those six games, the other would have at least 77 wins. 

    Could Texas still get a tie? No. Because Cleveland, who is presently in fourth place in the Wild Card race has 70 wins. They have four games left with the Royals. They have six left with Detroit (five after tonight). So, even if the Royals and Tigers won the bare minimum, Cleveland would blow past them.

    After the Rangers, the Rockies are the next most likely team to be eliminated.

    For more info, see here: http://lyle.smu.edu/~olinick/riot/american_league.html

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